We Don’t Just Train, We Make Champions.

Preseason begins right now! Championship Training.


  • ProCamps is intensive Go Athlete Go SPEED AND FUNDAMENTAL ABILITY TRAINING camps for young athletes that are looking for that extra edge. In this month long training camp, each camp (4) will last 2 hours and will be overseen and coached by Dee Brown former league MVP wide receiver and track athlete. Each camp covers the fundamentals of running and position specific development.

  • Plyometrics and stretching.
  • Speed & Reaction drills.
  • Sport Fundamental drills.


  • ProGym (includes ProCamps) is a 2 day/week Go Athlete Go POWER AND NUTRITION TRAINING camp for young athletes who need off-season support. Each training session will last 2 hours and will be coached by former sports athlete and NASM certified Personal Trainer Brian Freeman of the US Airforce. Camps will develop explosive strength and provide a nutrition plan.

  • ProCamps Membership
  • Circuit Training 2 days/week.
  • Nutrition Plan.


  • ProAgent (includes ProMo) is a 6-12 month Go Athlete Go Personal Development LIFE SUCCESS AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT program for young athletes who need Senior High School or College transitional housing. By completion of the program, students will develop daily habits based on 4 core disciplines in Power, Promotion, Production, and Progress.

  • ProMo Membership
  • Daily Development Plan
  • Transitional Housing (must qualify).

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After the 30 day free trial, you have the option to pick your plan and pay monthly with a credit card

If you don’t find a plan you like after the 30 day trial, you can pay for individual sessions
Share your profile to social media and coaches

Black and Gold memberships come with a personal web page and marketing tools to start promoting their growth
Automatically qualify to participate in fundraisers

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See how Go Athlete Go can help student athletes develop speed, awareness, nutrition, strength, and marketing.

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